Why I can’t wait to see Venom

Despite getting a Rotton Tomatoes score of 34% it seems like Venom is a must-watch.

Image result for venom trailer

Venom just released today. When news first broke out that Tom Hardy would be starring in Sony Picture’s Venom with Riz Ahmed in tow, I prayed that this would be good. As Hardy’s second tango with the Superhero actors club, there was a lot at stake here. What if it’s bad? As a critical lover of the Anti-Hero, I want— and will always want—multiple films worth of Tom Hardy camping it up in angsty inner-conflict. What if it’s good? Then Hardy might be locked in a contract for years. Sure, that’s steady and reliable work for him but have you seen a non-MCU Downey Jr film lately? Yeah, didn’t think so.

Then the trailer dropped. There were (loud) mumblings around the internet that this wouldn’t be the best superhero film out there.

It looked dumb. Finally, some hope! At least it wasn’t going to be boring. Say what you want about The Suicide Squad, and you can say a lot, it wasn’t dull. Then the line hit me.

You will be this armless, legless, faceless little thing, won’t you? Rolling down the street, like a turd in the wind.

That was how I knew I was in love. To say this is The Room-esque is hyperbolic but any film that can sincerely dump the line ‘turd in the wind’ is good in my books. How big is Sony Pictures? How many people cleared for that to be a) in the film b) IN THE TRAILER.

The first reviews have hit, and it sounds crazy. Critics are panning the film for being dumb, as they should. But one look at Twitter’s results for ‘venom’ shows people laughing about the fun wildness of the film.

Where to even begin…TOM HARDY KISSING VENOM. I don’t know what Alien: Covenant world I stepped into this morning but I can’t get over this detail. Critics have also commented on earnest acting from Hardy amidst all the mess. Then there’s the small case of Lady Gaga fans being accused of planting fake negative reviews in Rotton Tomatoes to bring down its score so that A Star is Born can defeat its big competitor. In response, some Venom fans have been giving A Star is Born the same treatment. This is possibly one of the most mystifying ‘superhero’ film releases of 2018.

The consensus seems to be that it’s hilariously bad, and might be getting a sequel if it’s a box office hit. Sony anticipates $160 million – $175 million opening weekend. I haven’t seen Venom yet, but I’m already preparing for Venom 2.



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