5 Short Films You Should See

Shorts are so often forgotten by movie-goers. Live Action Short Film was one of the four categories that was proposed for cutting during the Oscars 2019 broadcast. And yet, these are some of the most accessible forms of film work out there. They’re easy to watch, often only asking for 20 minutes or less of your time – most average YouTube videos are longer. They’re also cost-efficient for aspiring filmmakers, both animated and action. If you want to see what styles and topics a director values, I suggest you look at their shorts films. So without further ado, here are 5 interesting shorts.

1. Late Afternoon Class

A delightfully colourful animated short about the lethargic pitfalls of education on a warm sunny day.

2. The Voyagers

Director of documentary gems Nuts! and The Dark Past of Sea Monkeys, Penny Lane one of the most exciting and surprising up-and-coming documentary makers today. Here is her quasi-biographical ruminations on space, time, love, and Carl Sagan.

3. Lights Out 

A scary one next! Lights Out is a simple yet terrifying concept, executed well. The unexpected Shazam! director David F. Sandberg goes onto remaking his debut short as a longer film. But, between you and me, brevity is the soul of spookiness sometimes.

4. Meshes of the Afternoon

Considered the mother of American Avant-garde films, Maya Deren is a name that’s mostly known by film students. But her influences stretches from David Lynch to Stanley Kubrick, Ingmar Bergman, or Orson Welles. Meshes of the Afternoon presents an eerie, deamlike series of events. Try to figure out what it all means at your own risk, or just enjoy the spectacle.

5. Curmudgeons

Danny Devito proves to be one of the most versatile actors in the business. Not only does he star in Curmudgeon, he also directed and co-wrote this surprisingly sentimental project.

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